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Dennis Schafer

Pro Carp Angler

Now I can focus on landing that carp instead of being dazzled by sudden sunshine or feeling like I'm sitting in a cave on an overcast day.

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Talking Carp Magazine Has Tested Our Fishing Sunglasses

And what a difference! The first thing I noticed upon opening the hardcase was the build quality. It far exceeds most others out there, with a proper hard frame, proper hinges for the arms, and a comfortable grip on the nose and sides of the head.

Utilising their own patented FluidTint technology the lenses change color in the sun from an amber to a copper, depending on the severity of the sun's rays. The lenses offer fantastic polarised viewing  when worn, and to be honest, these are the best glasses I personally have tried. The fish will have nowhere to hide now!

These Fellow Anglers Are Already Wearing Their Sanofans


I wore them in sunny and very low light, and contrast was great in all conditions.
The best visibility of any glasses I've ever tried.

Steve P.  (Flagstaff, US)

Dark, Wet, Winter Grayling Day, My Test

I did test the polarisation with my 580p glasses, swapping the 580p and the Sanofans looking at the same section of water, and they were on par.

Steven Brett (Uxbridge, GB)

Sanofan Fishing Sunglasses

*I* can not believe how good they are, even on overcast day, cloudy to the max.

Daniel Groza (Melbourne, AU)

Incredible glasses

This is the first pair of polarized sunglasses that I can truly say I love.

Harold Adams (Manchester, US)

The future is here

It's like having 10 pairs off glasses in my bag. One pair really does everything.

Philip Wilson (ALSAGER, GB)

Awesome glasses

I found it difficult to take them off, the clarity really is that good.

Alec Kimber (Bangor, AU)

New sunglasses

One day was overcast the other sunny, the sunglasses performed great. The view was sharp and crisp.

James Melka (Pewaukee, US)

THE best fishing glasses I've had

The stars of the show are the lenses. Dull, very bright and falling light, the vision I achieved was consistently clear, sharp and ideal on the water.

Andy (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

Sanofan fluid tint sunglasses

I have had numerous other Polaroids over the years but none to match Sanofans for quality and price.

Bradley Pengelly (Neyland, GB)

Fishing glasses for all day, everyday.

I now wear these glasses all day everyday. The light remains the same throughout the day and the polarised lenses ensure I spot more fish than before.

Peter Moran (Londonderry, GB)

Fishing in Scotland with a clear view

I can say that they suit every light condition that Scotland throws at you and there are many.

Duncan Stanners (Irvine, GB)

eases eye strain

I really like the feel and comfort of these glasses.
The colour tint tends to ease eye strain over a long days finishing, better than previous brands I've tried.

Graeme Parker (Dublin, IE)

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Customer Reviews

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Danny Brighenti (Queanbeyan, AU)

Very happy with the glasses so far. Look well built, fit well and light weight. The lighter of the tints provide lots of light and contrast in poor light while still eliminating water surface glare.

Philip Cooper (Cobleskill, US)
Perfect vision

The glasses fit great and the lenses were perfect. The vision was exceptional while fishing. Very impressed compared to others I've used.

Kevin Hart (Woodstock, US)
Very Pleased

I recently rolled the dice on a pair of Sanofan Fishing Sunglasses with FluidTint lenses and was pleasantly surprised. Having personally ordered NUMEROUS sunglasses through various eBay retailers, my expectations were actually pretty low for a newer/lesser known brand. The product that I received from Sanofan was packaged extremely well, the quality of the sunglasses was as top-notch as I've seen from ones hundreds of dollars more, and the 'freebies' were actually applicable to my purchase. Well done.

JOHN BYRNE (Birmingham, GB)
Sanofan Fishing Sunglasses

Great product delivered promptly. Would definitely recommend.

Peter Goddard (Isleworth, GB)
Fantastic Glasses

I have had several fishing sunglasses over the years and these are by far the best
The lens react so that as the light changes during the day your vision and ability to spot the fish remain ……I would highly recommend them and they are extremely good value for money given some of their competitors

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