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  • Smart amber to copper lenses for perfect vision in all light conditions: No need to carry around different sunglasses anymore.
  • Superior polarization (as effective as Costa's 580P lenses): See fish that were invisible before.
  • Aerospace alloy frame instead of flimsy plastic.
  • Self-adjusting temple arms. Fits all head sizes.
  • Free bonuses: Reinforced hard case, adjustable lanyard, padded cleaning cloth.
  • 6-months money-back guarantee!
  • Fits all standard clip-on readers.

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This is Exactly How We Deliver Your Sanofans:

1) After placing your order, you'll immediately receive a confirmation email with the subject line "Your Sanofan order has been received!"

We package and dispatch your Sanofans within 1 to 2 days.

3) At the same time, you'll receive a second email with your tracking number ("Sanofan Sunglasses: Here's Your Tracking Number!")

The average shipping time per country is as follows:

  • United Kingdom: 9 days
  • Australia: 9 days
  • United States: 11 days
  • New Zealand: 12 days
  • Ireland: 15 days

Shipping times based on the 50 most recent orders for each country.

Do I Have to Pay Import Duties?

If you are located in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand there are NO additional costs. This is due to your country's high duty-free threshold (US: 800 USD, AU: 1000 AUD, NZ: 1000 NZD, or thanks to a new tax law in the UK). 

Shipments to other countries may be subject to additional duties, though.

4) Actual Customer Support

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Stefan Rohlfing | Founder of Sanofan LLC

These Fellow Anglers Are Already Wearing Their Sanofans

Have tried many other sunglasses and these performed much better. I could see my bait under water at 10 - 15 yards. Actually watched fish come up and take the bait.

Phillip Fontana


Since I purchased my new sunglasses I am able to see many more fish that were invisible to me before. I am so happy!

William Harrison

(California, USA)

They adjust with the changing light, and no frames means unobstructed field of view.

David Cremin

(Michigan, USA)

On my first fishing trip I found the glasses were simple to get to fit and then, boom, there were all the carp I needed to see, Resulting in a dam good session.
Excellent colour change in the lens from light to darker period's, I found that a great feature.

Henry Rose

(Hardwicke, United Kingdom)

The changing lenses are awesome and become dark enough for the brightest sun.

Robert Hollister

(Montana, USA)

I wear them from the start of the day with low light, throughout the day with very bright conditions into the evening again with little light. I can say that they suit every light condition that Scotland throws at you, and there are many.

Duncan Stanners

(North Ayrshire, United Kingdom)

I tested them on full sun days and partly cloudy days. Once it became cloudy, my other glasses were virtually useless when the Sanofan glasses changed color and I could still see clearly through the water.

Eric S. (Illinois, USA)

I used the glasses for a winter ride recently and, arriving at a small creek, took a quick peek in the water and some small fish appeared immediately. Looking forward to using the glasses on my two and a half months fishing trip.

Weldom Lineham (New Zealand)

I was 4 hours on the water the other day and compared them to my current glasses. They definitely cut out more glare. Was able to see fish cruising around perfectly just before dark.

Gary P.

(Queensland, Australia)

From sunrise to sun set, cloud or bright sun, they adjust to give you the best clarity on the water. From looking for breaking fish to the birds chasing bait, the colors just pop right at you. They just make your eyes feel less stress.

Scott Sweet

(Maryland, USA)

I really like the feel and comfort of these glasses.
The colour tint tends to ease eye strain over a long day finishing.

Graeme Parker

(Dublin, Ireland)

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