Stefan Rohlfing

Founder | Customer Care 

This Is How It All Started

Hi, I’m Stefan, co-founder of Sanofan LLC. Originally from Germany, I have been living in East Asia for over 15 years working with elite manufacturers. 


Some time ago the head of engineering at a local optics manufacturer approached me. 


Knowing that I was passionate about cycling and fishing, he asked me to test out a pair of newly designed sunglasses with integrated anti-glare and color-changing technology.


Normally I’d only wear sunglasses in bright sunlight, and would put them down as soon as a cloud came by—or else everything around me would get too dark for my taste.


But with these sunglasses on, I suddenly could see clearly in any weather, and for the first time my eyes didn’t get tired after long hours of activity outside.

I also liked that I could wear these glasses everywhere without looking out of place. This was in stark contrast to my previous sports sunglasses that always made me look somewhat alien when meeting with friends or sitting in a cafe. 


Long story short, after several weeks of testing we agreed to market the new FluidTint sunglasses under our Sanofan brand. 


Since then we have been further improving the design of the glasses based on continuing feedback from our customers. 


We highly value our customers’ opinion, so if you’d like to share any kind of feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.