Darker in the Sun. Lighter in the Shade.

FluidTint Color-Changing Sunglasses


It's Like Having 10 Pairs of Sunglasses in Your Bag 

FluidTint color-changing sunglasses adapt to changing light conditions so that your eyes don't have to.

Watch this short 20 sec video to see for yourself...

In the shade...

...FluidTint lenses stay at their lighter base color to let you see more clearly.

In the sun...

...the dark lens color takes over, protecting your eyes from unpleasant glaring light.

Your eyes...

...stay relaxed because they don't need to adapt to large light changes anymore. 


Combining Major Lens Technologies 

Self-Adjusting Tint 

When the sun comes out, the lenses get dark. With the next cloud, they get lighter again. This 2-color photochromic effect takes place very quickly.


The Level 5 sandwiched polarization filter removes the harsh glare from reflective surfaces, such as water, the road’s surface, or the hood of a car.

Enhanced Contrast

We use special amber and copper lens tints for enhanced contrast. Colors will pop-out and make objects more visible, which greatly reduces eye-strain.

Great for All Outdoor Activities

If you live in a place where the weather conditions are constantly changing, you'll love the convenience of FluidTint sunglasses that have you covered in sunshine and rain. 

For Avid Anglers

When you're on the water, traditional sunglasses limit your vision by staying the same when light conditions change.

Not anymore! FluidTint color-changing sunglasses guarantee that the right amount of light reaches your eyes at any time.

For Golf Enthusiasts

With FluidTint smart golf sunglasses, you can read the green and see further down the fairway in any weather, including overcast days, with perfect clarity.

Even better, the changing amber/copper lens tint is ideal for enhancing the contours of the green and making it easy to locate the ball.

For Outdoor Aficionados

FluidTint smart sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, driving, cycling, tennis, and golf.

Their high-contrast, color-changing amber/copper lenses and exceptional polarization to protect your eyes and allow you to see clearly regardless of the weather.

Plus, you don't have to take them off when a cloud passes by!

Impressive Specs

FluidTint Sunglasses are of highest quality and are only made in small batches.


Aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy frame 

8-base curvature

Rubberized temple arms

Rubberized nose pads

Color: Gunmetal

Inner Width: 5.83 in (148 mm)

Length: 5.32 in (135 mm) 

Weight: 1.02 oz (29 g)

FluidTint Lenses

Color-changing (photochromic layer)

Sandwiched polarization layer

Hydrophobic coating

Anti-scratch coating

Made from shatterproof cellulose triacetate (TAC)

Width: 2.76 in (70 mm)

Height: 1.57 in (40 mm) 

Total Adjustment Options

Adjustable nose piece

32° self-adjusting spring hinges

360° adjustable temple arms

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