Adapting Fishing Sunglasses For All Light Conditions

Polarized + Color-changing

Amber in the Shade | Copper in the Sun

  • ​Best for Sight Fishing

​Have You Ever Wanted to Own the Perfect Pair of Fishing Sunglasses?

​​You know, the one that leaves the fish no way to hide, because it cuts through the glare like a knife through hot butter.

The one that ​finally makes you ​stop looking for the best lens color because ​​it already combines the 2 best lens colors for fishing in a ​unique dual-color lens.

​The one you can wear ​in any weather, all year round because it magically switches lens colors depending on the light conditions.

The one that eliminates eye strain because it ​automatically maintains the ​best lens tint for your eyes throughout the day.

If you nodded your head to any of ​the above,​ you'll love the new Sanofan fishing sunglasses with FluidTint™ auto-tinting technology—​especially if you ​enjoy ​trout fishing or flats fishing and ​want to spot more fish.

​Now, ​​this is where the magic happens.

​How These ​Tiny Particles ​Make All the Difference

​​​Perfect vision from dawn to dusk, over the full range of sunlight

Each FluidTint™ polarized lens contains millions of specialized ​particles that absorb energy from sunlight to change color from amber to copper. 

As a result, lens colors adapt automatically—on autopilot—depending on changing light conditions. 

​Imagine ​yourself on the water:

On a​ cloudy day, or when wading ​in the ​shade of a large tree, your eyes will ​enjoy a ​crisp amber color—​but ​once the sun comes out, ​these lenses magically get darker​ and ​smoothly turn into a pleasant, high-contrast copper color. ​ 

Sanofan auto-shading fishing sunglasses ​​are your secret weapon, especially if you:

  • ​Enjoy fishing all day long from dawn to dusk and want to reduce eye strain.
  • ​Live in an area where light conditions are constantly changing​—one minute it's ​sunny, ​the next it's overcast and raining.
  • ​Follow the fish wherever they go, moving from shade to sunshine in a moments notice.
  • Hate wearing dark ​shades on overcast days, but don't want to give up the benefits of polarized sunglasses.

​​I used to carry around two pairs (​but often forgot one of them). Now I ​just wear my Fluidtints.

​​Christian Hauser

Big Style on and off the Water

Photochromic (color-changing) & polarization technology combined in a single lens

Glare-removal equal to Costa Del Mar's 580P lenses

Fully cover your eyes without sticking to your face

​Adjustable temples, nose piece, and temple arms

Fits every head—guaranteed

​Your All-In-One Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

​A pair of Sanofan fishing sunglasses combines all the great features professional anglers ​expect, ​plus our FluidTint™ color-changing lenses​—​the secret weapon you won't get elsewhere.

​Just take a look at these advantages and decide for yourself:

  • Color-Changing Lenses: ​​Enjoy ​perfect vision ​in all light conditions. ​No need to carry multiple pairs of sunglasses.
  • Level 5 Polarization: Eliminates all glare so that you can spot fish deep below the water surface. As effective as Costa's 580P lenses—but without the price tag.
  • Eyesight Protection: Modern UV400 protection blocks  99.998% of dangerous UVA and UVB rays as well as high energy blue light.
  • Maximum Contrast: Amber+copper dual lenses provide the most contrast by far. Spot more fish and watch your step as you wade.
  • Aerospace Alloy Frame: Virtually unbreakable. No flimsy plastic. Makes you look good everywhere you go.
  • Light as a Feather: At only 26 g (0.91 oz), your FluidTints™ are so light you’ll forget they’re on.
  • Perfect Fit for Your Head: 32° adjustable temple arms, adjustable nose pads, and freely adjustable temples. Fits every head.
  • Affordable & Cost-Effective: Thanks to our direct shipment and online-only sales, we pass on the savings to you. ​

​NEW: ​Extended 190 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

​Fellow brands like Costa Del Mar and Smith Optics ​limit their money-back guarantee to 30 days—and you aren't even allowed to touch your sunglasses—or else the guarantee is void (sources: Costa Del Mar, Smith Optics)

Now, we want you to do the EXACT OPPOSITE. We want you to test your pair. WEAR IT—see how it feels, how it looks, how it compares with top brand fishing sunglasses you have bought at $150 or $200. 

​​Th​is is why we ​now offer the longest money back guarantee​, by far: A full 190 days. That's 6 months, or half a year—a whole fishing season. Even longer than PayPal's famous Purchase Protection!

Get Your Color-Changing Fishing Sunglasses Today & Receive:

FluidTinT Fishing Sunglasses​

​Enjoy perfect vision in any weather and never worry about choosing the wrong lens color again​.

​Free Gift

Every pair is safely cradled inside a reinforced hard case that you get for FREE (Value $15).

190 Day Money Back

Battle-test your pair for a whole fishing season. Compare it to ​other brands that cost 3 times as much.

​1 Year Warranty

We'll send you a new pair immediately in case ​anything breaks.

​Free Shipping

​Free shipping to the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Lifetime Support

​Enjoy our special VIP support throughout the lifetime of your pair.

​Best Vision Guarantee

​​Glare removal is as effective as Costa's P580 lens​.

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​Sanofan fishing sunglasses are a only available on this site and are a great alternative to higher-priced ​brands like Costa Del Mar, Smith Optics, and Maui Jim.

​I'm a Costa guy, but they don't make these adapting lenses. So I ordered this pair. At less than half the price I paid for my Fantails I thought I could give it a try. And I didn't regret my decision. The lenses are very clear and they really turn copper in the sun.

​Pete Henderson

​These shades fit my big head like a glove and work like advertised. My wife likes them too which is a big plus.

​Brad Mitchell

$79 $59 (​33% OFF)

Limit 2 Per Customer. ​

​Click ​PROCEED TO CHECKOUT ​​above to automatically apply coupon code VIP10 for an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF!