Get The Best Fishing Sunglasses by Avoiding This Lens Color Flaw

Ever wondered why there are hundreds of posts and videos on finding the best fishing sunglasses?
Yet most of them just list a bunch of brands—without telling you the one thing you absolutely need to know:

Modern fishing sunglasses are Smart

What Lens Color Should I Choose?

Here's why you never get any meaningful answer.

It all comes down to this major flaw all lens colors have:

Lens colors are unable to adapt to light changes.

The result?

Many anglers waste weeks on Google and YouTube, looking for the 'best' lens color...

Until they realize this:

All fishing sunglasses are limited to low-light (yellow, amber, rose) or sunny (copper, grey) conditions.

Why is that a problem?

Think about it for a moment:

Even in sunny California and Australia, the light keeps changing during the day. 

Let alone places like Northern Europe and the UK, where the weather changes faster than any prediction. 

In other words: 

Spending your money on fishing glasses that only work half the day is a bad idea.


What If You Could Have the Perfect Fishing Sunglasses?

You know:

The one pair that works perfectly in any weather and leaves the fish no way to hide.

Don't worry. 

There is now a fast and straightforward solution.

Even better:

It's perfect for every angler, whether you are an avid fly fisher or like going after carp, brass, pike, or any other fish.
So what’s the secret? 

These Fishing Sunglasses are Smart

I'm talking about smart polarized fishing sunglasses that select the right lens tint for you.

The technology is a game-changer because...

You can't make a mistake anymore.

Put it another way:

From now on, you always have the best lens tint for fishing—even if you don't know anything about lens colors.

Let me explain.

From Low light to Full Sunlight

Removing the Burden of Finding the Right Lens Color

Sanofan fishing sunglasses with FluidTint technology...

Combine the best two lens colors—amber and copper—into a multi-color lens.

Now here comes the best part:

FluitTint lenses change color on autopilot, depending on the amount of sunlight.

So instead of you having to choose a lens color upfront, Sanofans make that decision for you, in real-time, many times a day:

  • From dusk to dawn
  • On cloudy and sunny days
  • In Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

You may be wondering:

Why amber and copper? What makes them so unique?

Before I go into that...

Let's first see how Sanofans look like:

Enjoy perfect vision over the FULL range of sunlight. (Please allow a few seconds for the video to load).

Big Style on and off the Water

Amber in the Shade. Copper in the Sun

Color-changing and polarization technology combined in a single lens

Superior Polarization

Glare-removal equal to Costa Del Mar 580P lenses

Widescreen Experience

Wrap-around frame that fully covers your eyes without sticking to your face

Fit Like a Glove

Self-adjusting temples arms. Adjustable temple tips and nose piece. Sanofans fit every head shape perfectly.

Harold Adams

Manchester, US

This is the first pair of polarized sunglasses that I can truly say I love.

The Simple Way to Supercharge Polarization

Polarization makes fish visible, but high-contrast lens colors allow them to stand out against the bottom.

Here’s the deal:

Only amber and copper are able to supercharge polarization this way.

So what's their secret?

Amber and copper block 100% of high-energy blue light rays from entering your eyes.

This is important because...

Blue light scatters inside the eye, making it difficult to focus.

As a result, our eye's ciliary muscles constantly work overtime, and things appear flat and out of focus.

Now, by cutting out blue light...

Amber and copper make everything sharper, crisper, and more defined.

Colors pop and fish have no way to hide.

Why No Other Lens Color Comes Close

Let me tell you a little-known fact:

Other lens colors (including grey) do not sharpen contrast at all.


Because they allow blue light to hit your eyes completely unfiltered.

The only exception is yellow lenses.

Unfortunately, these have a rather large drawback:

Yellow lenses are good at increasing contrast but poor at removing glare.

How’s that?

Polarization filters make lenses darker by default, which is bad for lighter lens colors such as yellow. 

As a workaround, yellow lenses often come with a weaker form of polarization that is less dark but leaks reflective light rays.

So what about mirror coatings like silver, blue, and green?

Mirror coatings act like window blinds, which makes them uncomfortable to wear in anything but bright sunlight.

What's more:

Mirror coatings do not remove glare from the water surface (only good polarization does).

This is why pro anglers swear by amber and copper lenses…

You Are in Good Company

Fly fishing legend, book author and podcast host Tom Rosenbauer doesn't beat about the bush:

Amber and copper lenses are my choice for sight fishing.

Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing, Page 135

The good folks at Orvis agree:

Light brown, copper, and amber all sharpen contrast by reducing blue light. 

Choose a brown or copper-colored lens for normal conditions on the flats, and an amber or yellow lens for cloudy, overcast conditions.

Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Sight Fishing

Now You Can Have the Best of Both Words

Imagine for a moment...

With Sanofan fishing sunglasses you finally can have the best of both worlds.

In other words:

You get the combined power of amber AND copper—over the full range of sunlight!

The Only Fishing Sunglasses You'll Ever Need

We made all the hard choices so that you don't have to.

  1. 1
    No Need to Carry Around Different Sunglasses
    Enjoy perfect vision all day long with smart dual-color lenses.
  2. 2
    Cut the Glare, See the Fish
    Remove all reflections from the water's surface. As good as Costa 580P lenses—but without the price tag.
  3. 3
    Relief for Your Eyes
    Block 99.998% of dangerous UVA and UVB rays and all high energy blue light.
  4. 4
    Brighten Your Surroundings
    Brighten your surroundings and make colors pop while reducing eye strain.
  5. 5
    So Light You'll Forget They're On
    Unbreakable aircraft-grade alloy frame instead of flimsy plastic.
  6. 6
    Perfect Fit for Any Head Size
    30-degree adjustable temple arms and nose pads fit your head like a glove.
  7. 7
    Affordable and Cost-Effective
    Thanks to our direct shipment and online-only sales, we pass on the savings to you.

Just to Recap, Here's Everything You'll Get

Secure your pair of today and get a reinforced hard case for FREE... and so much more:

FluidTint Fishing Sunglasses

For perfect vision at any time of day and in any weather. Never worry about lens colors again.

Free Bonus (Value $20)

Get a reinforced hard case, adjustable lanyard, and padded cleaning cloth at no extra cost.

Best Vision Guarantee

Glare removal matching Costa 580P lenses. At a fraction of the price.

Battle-Tested Lenses

Hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and highly shatterproof lenses for reliable use on the water.

190 Day Money Back

Battle-test your pair for a whole fishing season. Compare it to other brands that cost three times as much.

Lifetime Support

Enjoy dedicated, personal support throughout the lifetime of your pair.

Free Shipping

Free shipping to Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and most other regions.

Piece of Mind

As soon as you receive your Sanofans, immediately see their color-changing and glare-removal features in action. All you need to do is follow the 1-minute test we provide.

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NEW: Extended 190 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

That's 6 months, or half a year—a whole fishing season.

Even longer than PayPal's famous Purchase Protection!

Stefan Rohlfing | Founder Sanofan LLC

Fellow sunglasses brands limit their money-back guarantee to 30 days—and you aren't even allowed to touch your sunglasses (sources: Costa Del Mar, Smith Optics)

Now, I want you to do the EXACT OPPOSITE...

I want you to test your pair. WEAR IT—see how it feels, how it looks, how it compares with top brand fishing sunglasses you have bought at $150 or $200.

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Buy Today, Save More...

And never worry about lens colors again. Click the button below to claim your pair.

$89 $59 (You Save 34%)

Only 29 pairs available at this price.

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