Want to Own the Best All-Around Fishing Sunglasses? ​​Not Sure What Lens Color to Choose?

Now You Don't Have to ​Choose Anymore...

Because these new polarized fishing sunglasses combine the 2 most popular lens colors into a single lens!

Pro Carp Angler ​Dennis Schäfer with his Sanofans on

​Imagine You Had the Perfect Pair of Fishing Sunglasses

You know, the one that...

  • ​Leaves the fish no way to hide
  • ​Works perfectly in any weather, all year round
  • ​Finally makes you ​stop looking for the best lens color
  • Makes your fishing buddies want to ​have one too

If you've nodded your head to any of the above, then you've come to the right place… because thanks to this ​special dual-color lens color technology, you can have your perfect fishing sunglasses today.

In fact, if you read on a little longer, I will tell you EXACTLY how it works.

But first of all, I want to clear up some smoke and show you how to spot a great lens color.

Now, here comes the good part:

There are only two lens colors that actually matter.

Let me explain…

What Are the Best ​Lens Colors for Fishing… and Why?

When combined with strong polarization, the single most important factor of a lens color is contrast.

That's right, if you want to spot more fish, nothing beats more contrast.

This is because the more contrast you have, the better you see the edges of things, which includes the edges of rocks and the edges of fish's fins.

Polarization makes fish visible, but high-contrast lens colors allow them to stand out against the bottom.

Sharpened contrast is especially helpful for fishing flats, shallow trout streams and lake shores. Fish that were invisible before are now within your reach.

But what are those high-contrast lens colors? 

​And the Winner Is…

When it comes to increasing contrast and resolution, nothing beats amber and copper lens colors.

The reason ​amber and copper are so effective in enhancing vision is because they reliably filter out all blue light coming from the sun.

You see, the eye's lens cannot focus sharply on blue light which means things tend to appear less sharp​ or even blurry when using any other color lens.

But when blocking out blue light, the effect is ​immediate and strong: The moment you put on a pair of amber or copper fishing sunglasses, everything around you appears much sharper and fish stand out against their background.

Even fly fishing legend Tom Rosenbauer sa​ys so in his classic book, Orvis Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing: Secrets from the Orvis Experts: Amber and copper lenses are my choice for sight fishing. (page 135)

(By the way, if you haven't already, you should check out his fantastic podcast, The Fly Fishing Guide Podcast).

​There's just one problem:

  • Amber is great for low light conditions... but ​in direct sunglight makes your eyes squint​.
  • Copper is perfect in sunlight ... but on an overcast day ​makes you feel like sitting in a dark cave.

​So, which lens color one should you pick—amber or copper?

Or, to put it this way:

What if you wanted to invest in only one set of fishing sunglasses?

The answer might surprise you...

​​This Is Why You Cannot Go Wrong

Wouldn't it be great if you could have the 2 best lens colors for fishingwithout having to spend your hard-earned money on a second pair?

Fortunately, now you can!

Because ​FluidTint™ lens ​lenses combine the advantages of amber and copper ​in a unique dual-color lens.

And here comes the best part:

​FluidTint™ fishing sunglasses ​change color whenever the light changes—automatically… on autopilot. They are ​​amber in the shade and ​​copper in the sun!

This means you can read the water with much more detail, locate cover more easily and spot more fish—at any time of day, all year round.

​Watch this short video (16 seconds) to see EXACTLY ​how ​​FluitTint™ lenses change from amber to copper in the sun​.

Big Style on and off the Water

Sanofan Fishing Sunglasses look good everywhere you go. They won’t look out of place whether in the boat or out to lunch.

Amber in the Shade. Copper in the Sun

Photochromic (color-changing) and polarization technology combined in a single lens

Superior Polarization

Glare-removal equal to Costa Del Mar 580P lenses

Widescreen Experience

Sanofans fully cover your eyes without sticking to your face

Fits Like a Glove

Self-adjusting temples arms. Adjustable temple tips and nose piece. Fits every head ... guaranteed.

​On Sale Today! Limit 2 Per Customer
​On Sale Today! Limit 2 Per Customer

​Your All-In-One Fishing Sunglasses

​For our initial design we gathered detailed feedback from 143 enthusiastic anglers​. This enabled us to discard all the fluff and to concentrate on what's actually important on the water.

In other words: Your fellow fishermen made all the hard choices so that you don't have to

Just take a look and decide for yourself:


Color-Changing Lenses

Amber in the shade. Copper in the sun. Enjoy perfect vision ​from low light to bright sunglight. No need to carry multiple pairs of sunglasses.


Level 5 Polarization

​Removes all glare so that you can spot fish deep below the water's surface. As effective as Costa 580P lenses—but without the price tag.


Eyesight Protection

Modern UV400 protection blocks 99.998% of dangerous UVA and UVB rays as well as high energy blue light.


Maximum Contrast

Amber+copper dual lenses provide the most contrast by far. Spot more fish and watch your step as you wade.


Aerospace Alloy Frame

Virtually unbreakable. No flimsy plastic. Makes you look good everywhere you go.


Light as a Feather

At only 26 g (0.91 oz), your FluidTints™ are so light you’ll forget they’re on.


Perfect Fit for Your Head

32° adjustable temple arms, adjustable nose pads, and freely adjustable temples. Fits every head.


Affordable & Cost-Effective

Thanks to our direct shipment and online-only sales, we pass on the savings to you.

​Just to Recap, Here's Everything You'll Get

Secure your pair of today and get a reinforced hard case for FREE... ​and so much more:

FluidTint Fishing Sunglasses

Enjoy perfect vision in any weather and never worry about lens colors again.

190 Day Money Back

Battle-test your pair for a whole fishing season. Compare it to other brands that cost three times as much.

Free Bonus ​Valued at $15

Every pair is safely cradled inside a reinforced hard case that you get for FREE.

​One Year Warranty

If there's anything that doesn't work, you'll get a new pair … immediately.

Free Shipping​

Free shipping worldwide including to the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Best Vision Guarantee

Glare removal is as effective as Costa 580P lenses. At a fraction of the price.

​Save $100 or more by not having to ​invest in higher priced fishing sunglasses.

Lifetime Support

Enjoy our special VIP support throughout the lifetime of your pair.

​Hardened Lenses

​​​FluidTint lenses are hydrophobic, scratch-resistant and highly shatterproof for reliable use in rough environments.

​Get Your ​Sanofans Today... and Never Worry About Lens Colors Again

$79 $59 (33% OFF)

Less than 20 pairs available at this price.

  • ​190 Day Money Back
  • ​Lifetime Support
  • ​Free Shipping
  • Enjoy fishing from dawn to dusk regardless of the weather
  • Keep your eyes well-shaded and relaxed all day

​​NEW: ​Extended 190 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Fellow sunglasses brands limit their money-back guarantee to 30 days—and you aren't even allowed to touch your sunglasses—or else the guarantee is void (sources: Costa Del Mar, Smith Optics)

I want you to do the EXACT OPPOSITE... 

I want you to test your pair. WEAR IT—see how it feels, how it looks, how it compares with top brand fishing sunglasses you have bought at $150 or $200.

If your Sanofans are not clearer, crisper, more satisfactory in every way, all you need to do is contact me here or on Facebook. You don't even have to send back your pair.

This is why we offer you the longest money back guarantee: a full 190 days

That's 6 months, or half a year—a whole fishing season.

Even longer than PayPal's famous Purchase Protection!

Stefan Rohlfing

Co-Founder of Sanofan LLC

​On Sale Today! Limit 2 Per Customer

Our Top 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Effective Is Your Polarization?

​The moment you put on your Sanofans, all water reflections are gone.

In fact, we guarantee that our FluidTint lenses remove surface glare at least as effectively as Costa 580P lenses.

And this is why:

Polarization is nothing new, but glare removal at the level pro fly fishers demand requires some advanced technical skills.

In particular, precision placement of the polarizing film is crucial. If it’s placed off the vertical axis, much of the polarizing power will be lost.

With FluidTint lenses you can be sure the polarizing film is positioned at precisely the right angle to eliminate any stray rays.

But our precision work doesn't stop there.

Each polarizing film is also safely encapsulated inside the lens, sandwiched between two impact-resistant lens layers.

In other words: The film cannot delaminate, a problem you often see with cheaper fishing sunglasses.

What About Sunglasses With Transparent -> Grey Lenses?

​While these sunglasses certainly look cool, they do not darken very much which makes them uncomfortable to wear in bright light.

But there are more serious reasons why grey sunglasses are not a good choice for fishing in general:
Grey lenses do not sharpen contrast at all. Because of this, most anglers agree that grey lenses are not as good for shale water fishing, flats water fishing or trout fishing.
Grey lenses do not block blue light. Even worse, because your pupils widen behind darker sunglasses, much more of this harmful radiation reaches your eyes—completely unfiltered.

Sanofan fishing sunglasses with FluidTint lenses don't have any of these limitations. Not only are your eyes completely shielded from harmful blue light, but ​you also get the highest amount of contrast in all weather conditions.

Do You Offer Mirror Coatings?

​FluidTint lenses don't have any mirror coating applied to them, and this is ​why:

​Blue or green mirror coatings certainly look ​great, no doubt about that. ​​But there is a problem: ​Mirror coatings ​block out up to 60% of light, making them uncomfortable to wear in low light conditions like dusk, dawn, or under clouds.

It's like pulling down the window blinds on an overcast day.

FluidTint lenses, on the other hand, were specifically designed to let you see with maximum clarity and contrast at any time of day and in all weather conditions.

Adding a mirror coating would completely remove th​is advantage.

​On Sale Today! Limit 2 Per Customer
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