These Smart Fishing Sunglasses Are Crushing Traditional Sunglasses

Discover how smart color lenses replace traditional sunglasses for fishing, hunting, and driving.

Sanofan color-changing photochromic polarized sunglasses

"I can see way more stuff in the water than everyone else that has been on the boat with me wearing their Costas or any other top brand sunglasses."
— Captain Adam Martin of Wicked Voodoo Fishing Charters, Texas, USA

Don’t Waste Money on Flawed Sunglasses

Think about it:

Even in sunny Australia, light conditions change during the day

Let alone in places like the UK, where the weather is often unpredictable.


Traditional lens colors are dumb:

  • Yellow, amber, and rose make you squint as soon as the sun comes out…
  • Copper, brown, and gray are too dark in low light (dawn, dusk, under clouds).

In other words:

You could spend $100, $150, or $200 on fishing sunglasses… only to get frustrated every time a cloud comes by.

But now you can…

Fix the #1 lens flaw once and for all!  

Want to know how it works?

Let me explain…

"It's like the Water's Not Even There"

See into the water like an eagle

  1. 1
    The color change has allowed me to see into places in the water I didn’t know were there!
    Tom Stiers, USA
  2. 2
    Once it became cloudy, my other glasses were virtually useless, but my Sanofans changed color and I could still see clearly through the water.
    Eric S., USA
  3. 3
    The changing lenses are awesome and become dark enough for the brightest sun.
    Robert Hollister, USA
  4. 4
    I could see my bait under water at 10 - 15 yards. Actually watched fish come up and take the bait.
    Phillip Fontana, USA
  5. 5
    It's like the water's not even there, crystal clear to the bottom.
    Brian Burns, USA
  6. 6
    I was able to see fish cruising around perfectly just before dark.
    Gary P., Australia

From Low light to Full Sunlight

How Smart Fishing Sunglasses Work

Sanofan fishing sunglasses with smart FluidTint polarized lenses combine the advantages of the two best lens colors for fishing, amber and copper.

This is how it works:

Each FluidTint lens contains millions of specialized particles that absorb energy from the sun to smoothly change color from amber to copper, keeping your eyes well-shaded in all weather conditions. 

This is called a photochromic reaction, and as a result…

FluidTint lenses adapt automatically—on autopilot—No need to carry multiple pairs of sunglasses.

Enjoy perfect vision over the FULL range of sunlight. (Please wait a few seconds for the video to load.)

Sanofan 2.0 Now Available!

Our latest version comes with a newly designed frame,  wrap-around lenses, a unique dirt-proof hinge.

Sanofan photochromic polarized sunglasses in the sun
Color-changing polarized sunglasses worn outdoors.

Big Style on and off the Water

Amber in the Shade. Copper in the Sun

Color-changing and polarization technology combined in a single lens.

color-changing lowlight to sunlight sunglasses

180° Widescreen Experience

Wrap-around lenses eliminate all side glare.

Superior to sunglasses with side shields ("blinders") that create dangerous blind spots.

color-changing sunglasses full wrap-around frame

Dirt-Proof Hinge

The unique encapsulated bolt hinge keeps your sunglasses snappy and reliable for a lifetime.

polarized photochromic sunglasses with strong bolt lock hinge

Fits Your Head

The frame fits every head shape perfectly. No more guessing what size you need.

color-changing sunglasses that fit every head size

NEW: Clip-Ons

Don't let prescription glasses limit your choices! Our new clip-ons turn your regular glasses into color-changing fishing sunglasses that remove all glare. All you need to do is clip them on, and you are ready to go.

clip-ons with color-changing photochromic polarized lenses

Look Who Else Is Wearing Sanofans

Customer Reviews

Based on 461 reviews
JimJimmy (Paramus, NJ, US)
So Far I Like The Glasses a Lot!

Bendable Nose Rests - The first (very pleasant) surprise was the bendable nose rests that can spread out just wide enough for the perfect fit on my slightly wider than average nose bridge. This is a huge plus to me because most glasses are rigid at this critical fitting-point and end up resting farther away from my face than desired.

The "feel" of wear is very comfortable. Nine holes went by before I remembered they were on my face. This was never the case with prior brands.

Personally, I prefer the subtle lens color (amber-ish) over other glasses on the market that are too day-glow pink or green, or pastel in general, for my taste.

The visual experience on the golf course is superb, not that I'm an expert, just far better than my old pair.

Sorry I can't comment on the auto-color-change based on natural light conditions. I wore them only once so far - put them on when the sun came out, and the sun stayed out for the rest of the round. But I'm confident the visual experience will hold true with typical range of natural light on golf courses.

On the car ride home I reached for my usual driving sunglasses, then thought, what the heck am I wearing these for, they're almost always too dark for most driving conditions. So I retrieved the Sanofan's from the golf bag and now they're positioned to be my driving glasses too.

The next generation model(s) would be even better if:
* Nose-bridge-rests provided a tad more width spread.
* Lens color options included brown-ish color similar to traditional casual wear glasses.
* Offer a casual style model for the second pair I'd buy for the car, and every other situation that calls for sunglasses.
* Consider branding under a different name bc for some reason I can never recall the name "sanofan" when speaking about golf glasses with friends. (well, at least two conversations thus far)
Thx Sanofan!
Happy customer!

olofan's took the put the new ride When started driI got to the car I too

for the s around the golf course is excellent in my mind.etceven realized that ing glasses was undetectable.
They fit was so comfortable I was amazed

Gregory Bannerman (London, ENG, GB)

Haven’t tried these out yet as the weather hasn’t been right?

Paul Correia (Upton, MA, US)
Sanofan golf glasses

So far the sunglasses are great. Love how they get darker in direct sun. Much easier following the ball down the fairway.
Also very comfortable, I forget I have them on.

Angus Todd (Herne Hill, ENG, GB)

Having recently developed an eye condition where glare is a problem, these glasses are incredible. Glare is no longer an issue and tracking the golf ball is so much easier. Have recommended Sanofan to a number of friends already.

Len Stone
Excellent quality sunglasses!

Really enjoy wearing these sunglasses. They filter out the blue light well and are cool on the eyes. As the lenses darken in the sun, the clarity improves even more. You can wear these glasses for hours without Causing eye strain.

Dan Pillar (Albuquerque, NM, US)
Very strong & Stylish

Great quality. Polarized & auto tint is very cool!

Bruce Coates (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Sanofan Sun Glasses

I have had many over the years, with my new Sanofan glasses I can clearly see my car dash while driving and don't have to keep removing them when it clouds over. I went whale watching last week of Noosa Heads and they were fantanic on the water.

Bonus: True Supercharged Polarization

You see:

Polarization makes fish visible, but only high-contrast lenses allow them to stand out against the bottom.

We call this "Supercharging Polarization".

In fact:

Amber and copper are the ONLY sunglass lens colors to sharpen contrast, increase resolution, and boost polarization.

They do this by blocking blue light from entering your eyes.

This is a big deal because…

Our eyes cannot focus on blue light, causing eye strain and blurred vision.

Other colors like gray are unable to compete, as they let blue light hit your eyes completely unfiltered.

The good folks at Orvis agree:

Light brown, copper, and amber all sharpen contrast by reducing blue light
Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Sight Fishing

Fly fishing legend, book author and podcast host Tom Rosenbauer, recommends them too:

Amber and copper lenses are my choice for sight fishing.
The Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing, page 135

Now, here comes the good part:

Sanofan fishing sunglasses supercharge polarization by combining the power of BOTH, amber and copper, in a single lens!

These 5 Gains Will Set You Apart

…and Make Your Fishing Buddies Jealous

Sanofan Sunglasses…

  • Guaranteed 100% glare removal, PLUS supercharging polarization
  • Always just work, from sunrise to sunset. 
  • Automatically select the best color tint for your eyes. You cannot make a mistake.
  • Frame made from virtually unbreakable aerospace metal alloy.
  • 6 months (190 days) money-back guarantee. Take your time to compare them to your buddies' most-expensive glasses!

Other Choices…

  • Glare removal of varying degree with no guarantee.
  • Limited to either low light or sunlight.
  • You are responsible for picking a lens color (that fails as soon as the light changes) 
  • Frame made from cheaper material, often flimsy plastic.
  • Mostly 30 days, and you are not allowed to test them: Costa Del Mar, Smith Optics

FluidTint Color-Changing Sunglasses

"It's like having 10 pairs of glasses in my bag." 

Sanofan color-changing sunglasses come cleaning cloth, retainer, and hard box
  • Color-changing polarized lenses
  • Auto-fit frame fits most head sizes
  • Cushioned nose pads for a whole day's comfort
  • Unbreakable metal frame instead of flimsy plastic.


$63.99  You Save 29%

On Sale. Prices Go Up. 

New Customer?

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FluidTint Color-Changing Clip-Ons

"My prescription glasses just got an upgrade! "

clip-ons with color-changing photochromic polarized lenses
  • Color-changing polarized lenses
  • 40% thicker lenses protect your expensive glasses.
  • Taller lenses to block more light.
  • Covers all glasses up to 1.8 in (4.6 cm) in height.



Initial Price. Order Soon.

New Customer?

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New Customer?

Click to save even more.

Free Extras (Value $20)

Your Sanofans come with a reinforced hard case, lanyard, and padded cleaning cloth.

Free Shipping

Free shipping to Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and most other countries and regions.

6-Months Money-Back Guarantee

Wear and test your Sanofans for 190 days on the water. Get a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Lifetime Support

Enjoy actual personal support throughout the lifetime of your pair. I answer all your questions myself.

Best Vision Guarantee

Glare removal as effective as your fishing buddies most expensive sunglasses. At a fraction of the price.

Battle-Tested Lenses

FluidTint lenses are scratch-resistant and highly shatterproof for reliable use in rough environments.

Perfect for...

Fly fishing, like trout fishing, bass fishing (especially bed fishing) and carp fishing — as well as boating, hunting, driving in daylight, and golfing.

All You Need to Know, Quick and Honest

Will They Fit My Head?

Thanks to metal spring hinges, adjustable temple tips, and our special morph frame, every pair fits like a glove and never falls off, regardless of the size of your head:

30 Degrees Spring Hinges

color-changing sunglasses that fit every head size

Spring hinges + adjustable node pads + adjustable temple tips

Adjustable Temple Tips

Watch this short video to see how to quickly adjust the temple tips:

Adjustable Nose Pads

And because of the adjustable nose pads, you don’t need to worry about the size of your nose, either.

I like how they sit away from your face just a bit, so they breathe and don't fog up like most sunglasses I wear do. 

-- Thankful Outdoors, USA

Why Amber and Copper? Why Not Gray?

Removing blue light is essential in enhancing contrast. This is because blue light tends to scatter in the eye, making it difficult to focus.

Only yellow, amber, and copper lenses can block blue light. In fact, this is what makes them special.

All other lens colors, including gray, let blue light rays hit your eyes completely unfiltered.

What's worse:

As your pupils widen behind dark gray lenses, even more blue light than usual enters your eyes' retina.

In other words:

When wearing gray lenses, the problems blue light causes, like blurred vision and mild headaches, are likely to get worse.

So, why not yellow lenses?

Yellow lenses are good at increasing contrast, but terrible at removing glare from the water surface.

And here is why:

A good polarization filter makes a lens darker by default by removing all visible light rays of a specific angle.

Unfortunately, yellow lenses can't be made darker, or else they wouldn't appear yellow anymore.

So, in order to market them as "polarized", yellow lenses tend to come with a weaker form of polarization that is less dark but leaks reflective light.r text here...

What About Mirror Coatings?

First, in order to avoid confusion:

Mirror coatings in silver, blue, or green are not lens colors, but just a thin layer on top of the actual lens.

Their main purpose is to cut out even more sunlight, which makes them uncomfortable to wear in low-light situations like dawn, dusk, and on overcast days.

This is why we don't use them.

Also, if applied directly to the lens surface, those shiny metal coatings are naturally prone to scratches.

Are They Good for Hunting (Boating, Golfing, etc.)?

Sanofans are the perfect choice for all fishing activities like fly-fishing, carp fishing, and bass fishing.

But being able to maintain perfect vision in all weather conditions is crucial for many applications, such as boating, hunting, and golfing... and even clay pidgin shooting: 

I have used them driving and hunting, and they have performed great.

-- James Dooley, USA

Really helps seeing wild life. Great for hunting and fishing

-- Zane Young, USA

I would highly recommend these glasses to any avid fisherman or golfer.

-- Neal Gilliam, USA

I'm not a fisherman, but the sun glasses are great for playing golf and driving.

-- Faye Bartley, USA

They do the job exceptionally well, [...] especially when i’m clay pigeon shooting

-- Is Dupoy, United Kingdom

Can I Use My Sanofans for Driving?

Sanofans with FluidTint lenses work great for driving in daylight, where they sharpen contrast and remove reflections from the windshield.

Just note that inside a car, the color change won't be as apparent as outside.

This is because the windshield filters out part of the UV rays that are responsible for the darkening effect of the lens.

A word of warning:

Sanofans are not suitable for driving at night. For night driving, only glasses with yellow lenses should be used.

If you are ok with this limitation, you'll enjoy wearing your Sanofans in the car:

They are great fitting sunglasses, not just good for fishing but excellent for driving 

-- Dwight McLeod, Canada

I ordered 2, so I could use a pair while driving and one for fishing

-- Eric S., USA

Loved them so much I bought a second pair for driving

-- Rodney Bond, USA

Why Don’t More Brands Offer Light-Adaptive Lenses?

My guess: It's because it would hurt their bottom line.

Instead of selling you just one pair that works all the time, it's much more lucrative to make you buy separate sunglasses for overcast and sunny days, lake fishing and stream fishing.

Now, you might ask:

"Why do you only sell color-changing fishing sunglasses?"

The better our sunglasses, the more we sell through word of mouth marketing. So by making the only fishing sunglasses you'll ever need, everybody wins.

Am I'm Protected Against Harmful UVA and UVB Rays?

Sanofans with FluidTint lenses shield you from all UVA and UVB rays and pass US standard ANSI Z80.3:2018.

Here's the test result:

sanofan sunglasses pass ansi Z80 standard

As you can see, Tmax UVB and Tmax UVA are both at 0.00%, which means FluidTint lenses blocks all rays of that light range.

Now, this is important:

Not all sunglasses that pass this standard fully protect your eyes.

Standard ANSI Z80.3:2018 allows up to 3.76% UVB and a whooping 30.10% UVA radiation to reach your eyes, while still being considered "UV protective".

So make sure to always ask for the actual test report before making a decision.

What Materials Are the Frame and Lenses Made Of?

Love to know all the details about your fishing sunglasses?

Here you can dive into the nitty-gritty. If anything is unclear, just drop me a line.


  • Aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy frame
  • Rubberized temple arms
  • Rubberized nose pads
  • Color: Gunmetal
  • Inner Width: 5.83 in (148 mm)
  • Length: 5.32 in (135 mm)
  • Weight: 1.02 oz (29 g)


  • 8-base curvature
  • Color-changing (photochromic layer)
  • Sandwiched polarization
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Made from shatterproof cellulose triacetate (TAC)
  • Width: 5.83 in (148 mm)
  • Lens Width: 2.76 in (70 mm)
  • Lens Height: 1.57 in (40 mm)

Adjustment Options

  • Adjustable nose pieces
  • 32° self-adjusting spring hinges
  • 360° adjustable temple arms

You can find even more information on our dedicated FAQ page.

Love Your Sanofans, or Pay Nothing!

Me in 1983 with my DIY fishing rod. For me, fishing is a path to my childhood memories.


I'm Stefan Rohlfing, the founder of Sanofan Sunglasses.

If you like the idea of having fishing sunglasses that just work, regardless of the sky conditions…

I urge you to get a pair today and see for yourself.

It’s a no-brainer because…

If you don't love your Sanofans — you pay nothing:

With our unique 6 months money-back guarantee, you can wear your Sanofans for a whole fishing season—see how they feel, how thy look, how they compare to top brand fishing sunglasses you have bought at $150 or $200.

If your Sanofans are not clearer, crisper, more satisfactory in every way, just contact me here, and your money is on the way the same day.

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